The Kax Herberger Center for Children + the Arts

Lesson Plans: Drama / Theatre

Stage Design: Using Visual Elements to Provide Information to an Audience

Middle School Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 5-8

National Arts Education Standards:
Theatre: 5–3c, 6d, 7c

Arizona Theatre Standards:

Strand 1–Create. Concept 3–Theatre Technology and Design. PO 303–Design original ground plans and set designs for a variety of dramatic works.

Strand 3–Evaluate. Concept 5–Directing. PO 201 – Explain and justify personal criteria for evaluating the basic elements of text, acting, and production values in their work and the work of others.

Strand 1–Create. Concept 1–Collaboration. PO 202– Collaborate to design and choose the environmental elements for a scenario/script.

Materials: for a collage–magazines with pictures and words, cloth swatches, objects



Room Design



Using class developed criteria that deals with the function of the setting as well as the art elements and design principles, students write a critique of the setting for their room and for the collaborative setting. The critique and renderings or pictures of their settings are included in their portfolios.

Based on a lesson plan by Carole Jones, Atlanta, Georgia.