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Writing curriculum is an ongoing chore with a five to seven year cycle. Here are examples to help with the process. Included here are representative:

The criteria for inclusion is that the curriculum be based on current standards, national or state.

Arizona Arts Curriculum


The Arizona arts curricula that we've chosen to include as examples are based on the state's arts standards. Each art form is studied through three strands: Create, Relate, and Evaluate. Using similar strands to unify the study of the arts is a practice that is very common across the country, particularly as states revise their earlier standards documents.

We have included two examples from curricula for Dance, Drama/ Theater, Music and Visual Arts that may be helpful for teachers and curriculum committees. Each discipline has an example from elementary or middle school, and a high school example. You also may find samples from disciplines other than your own to be helpful. We are particularly impressed with the format for the Music and Visual Arts. You can access the examples with the links on the left side of this page.

Finally, we've included Curriculum Sources from across the country.