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Each person is different. See the pictures of all the different people.


Improvisation is making up things as you go along. Kids use improvisation to make up dramas about what they’re reading or studying in school. It is fun to improvise. We’re all good at coming up with new ideas.

We’re always surprised at the good ideas we come up with for dialogue. We also find that doing improvisation helps us understand our characters better.

Often if we have an idea for how a scene begins, we can find out things that might happen next or how the story ends if we improvise it.

Improvisation is fun.

It helps actors learn

It helps playwrights figure out

Improvisation Examples

Let’s try an improvisation now. I’ll pretend to be the teacher and say:
Teacher: Where is your homework?
What is your answer: ?

Or I might pretend to be your mother and say:
Mother: You’re late. Where have you been?
What is your answer: ?

See, you’ve got good ideas!

Some are old; some are young. Some are with their family; some are at work. Each person talks differently. They also talk differently in different places. At home, people may not talk the same way they do at work or at school.

In drama, you’ll be characters that are different from you. Let’s try an improvisation with you being a different person.

I’ll be the kid. I’ll say:
Kid: Mom, I need a dollar for candy.
You be the Mom and answer:
Let’s try again. I’ll be the student and say:
I don’t have my homework. My puppy ate it.
You be the teacher.
What is your answer: ?

You and I were creating dialogue. We were coming up with new ideas. When we create dialogue, characters and a problem/story for a drama, there are no right or wrong answers. Some ideas might fit better. Some ideas may be better for the audience, the people who hear and see the drama. But all of our ideas are worthwhile. You are creative. I’m excited that I had a chance to create a dialogue with you.

Find a partner and see if you and your partner can create several more dialogues based on the “starters” below. See if you can keep the dialogue going until the problem is solved.