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How to Read and Write Dancing
This is a commercial site selling materials about the Sutton system of dance and movement notation. Examples from lessons are included.


Dance and Technology: Practical Applications with Tangible Results
A high school site that includes descriptions of student projects and links. Interesting model for other schools.

Southeast Center for Education in the Arts
Discipline-based Dance Education: A Conceptual Framework for Teaching and Learning Dance from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Lists a number of available units of study that may be purchased. Carefully thought out work.


American Orff-Schulwerk Association
is kept current and includes information about Carl Orff and Orff Schulwerk. 2003 Teacher Training Courses and registration materials are included. In the Art-Related Links there is a section on Dance with:

SDHS – Society of Dance History Scholars
is an organization dedicated to promoting study, research, discussion, performance, and publication in dance history and related fields. In addition to Membership, Conferences, Conference proceedings and Awards, it includes:

Special Education Family Village
is a site devoted to disability-related resources.

Web Directories

is an award winning collection of over 3,500 links to classical ballet and modern dance resources on the Internet. Included (with no annotations) are:

Dance Links by Gaynor Minden,
has some helpful comments about negotiating the net sites, and lists links (with no annotations) to:

Sapphire Swan Dance Directory
is a commercial site designed as a guide to Dance on the web with links from Balkan and Ballet to Tap Vintage and Zydeco dance. Each of these dance types has links to multiple sites, some with good descriptive information.

TEAMS Educational Resources: Center for Distance Learning, LA Council of Education
Check out Visual and Performing Arts, Dance. You'll find a number of carefully chosen, annotated links to sites with ideas for activities

Dance Magazines

the magazine for dance professionals – including educators.