The Kax Herberger Center for Children + the Arts



Here are links to arts education sites and arts web directories that we feel will be helpful for teachers. We’ve used the Library Association’s criterion for a good site.

  1. The authorship/sponsorship is clearly stated, sources for information are acknowledged. Users can make comments and receive answers. Copyright laws are observed.
  2. The purpose for the site is clear and the content reflects that purpose. Ads are appropriate to the audience.
  3. The design is appealing and makes information easy to find and to read. The site is easy to navigate. The page is consistent and loads quickly and without problems. Plug-ins are explained. A fee or personal information is not required.
  4. The content is meaningful and useful. It educates, informs or entertains. The site is easy to read. A search function or outline to facilitate use is provided when there is a large amount of information. The information is current and updated regularly.

Note: The content on the Web changes faster than we have ever seen in our culture. Therefore, in any recommended list of websites, the recommendations apply only to the primary sites that are listed, not to every site linked from the primary site.